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Sometimes I think I should return to Tumblr. And I occasionally come here to see how many followers I’ve lost since December. (By the way I lost a Shhhh-iiiit ton). Things have changed a little I guess. I thought about rebooting my page and then I think…mmmm probably shouldn’t. Tumblr has become mainstream and I think me and my boyfriend got “hipster scared” and left. I miss the old Tumblr, where I only had about 200 followers, none of my friends were following me, no one else knew me, and it was just me. I didn’t think twice about posting things, I used it as a place for my art. I don’t regret starting Tumblr, I met my boyfriend on here two years ago about and it was fun. I’m glad to say we are still together and I’ve never been so happy. Maybe if I get the courage I’ll come back and make a new Tumblr. This will still be here, and it’s nice I’ve gained some new followers during my absence and some of you have decided to stay as well. I hope you all find what you are looking for in life and I hope Tumblr doesn’t start to suck for you after awhile. 

Goodbye everyone, I’ll remember you all in therapy. 

-Mary Ann 

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